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 Deity Name : Hanuman
OM SRI HANUMATE NAMAH” This mantra of Lord Hanuman is very effective for physical-vital strength and for the removal of obstacles and for successfully weathering the storms in life.

The monkey form of Hanuman is infact a figurative presentation of the Sanskrit letters-OM, which is the symbol of the Absolute. The divine sprit that flows through the uncontrolled senses that behave like a fickle monkey. But when the senses and the mind are mastered by it, it assumes the majestic power of SRI HANUMAN.

HANUMAN symbolizes the unfoldment of spiritual strength in an aspirant. With that strength, the aspirant can cross the ocean of the unconscious and discover the intuitive faculty which leads him to RAMA-the state of self realization. The air that we breath also symbolizes as HANUMAN. That is why he is known as the son of the AIR (PAWAN SUT). After controlling this air through the Pranayama one can realize ATMA-RAMA.

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