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 Deity Name : Lakshmi

This mantra of Goddness Lakshmi is effective for material and spiritual prosperity.

Goddess LAKSHMI is worshipped as the Goddess of Prosperity-material as well as spiritual. Non-violence, truthfulness, cosmic love, humility, spiritual understanding, contentment, serenity of the mind, dispassion, control of the senses, faith, endurance, compassion, selflessness and the wisdom of the self. These are called spritual wealth, which she confers upon the deserving aspirants.

Her four arms symbolize the infinite aspects of the Supreme Being who is All Pervasive, Omnipotent Divinity. The Lotus that she holds in her hand and the Lotus she stands upon, are symbolic of unfoldment or blossoming of consciousness. Just as a lotus flower unfolds its petals, so also an aspirant unfolds his or her personality, bringing forth the beauty and grandeur of the inner spiritual life. People worship her by reciting- “OM SRI MAHA LAKSHMAYAI NAMAH”.

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Ashta Lakshmi Temple Hyderabad - Dilsuk Nagar
Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam Sri Mahalakshmi Temple Hyderabad - West Maredpally
MahaLakshmi Temple Hyderabad - Goshamahal
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