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 Deity Name : Vayu Bagwan
In Hinduism, Vayu is a primary god, and (spiritual) father of Bhima and Lord Hanuman. As the words for air (vayu) or wind (pavan) it is one of the Panchamahabhuta the "five great elements" in Hinduism. The primary referent of the word is the "god of Life," who is sometimes for clarity referred to as "Mukhya-Vayu" (the chief Vayu) or "Mukhya Prana" (the chief of Life). `Vayu' and `Prana' are synonyms. There is a set of five deities, each called Prana (life), with Mukhya-Prana being chief among them.

In the Upanishads there are numerous statements and illustrations of the greatness of Vayu. The Brhadaranyaka states that the gods who control bodily functions once engaged in a contest to determine who among them is the greatest. When a deity such as that of vision would leave a man's body, that man would continue to live, but as a blind man. One by one, the deities all took their turns leaving the body, but the man continued to live on, though successively impaired in various ways. Finally, when Mukhya Prana started to leave the body, all the other deities started to be inexorably pulled off their posts by force. This caused the other deities to realize that they can function only when empowered by Vayu, and can be overpowered by him easily. In another episode, Vayu is said to be the only deity not afflicted by demons of sin who were on the attack.

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