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Thirumuruganathaswamy Temple
About Murugan  -  Murugan Image Gallery
Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 7 Days
Location : Thirumuruganpoondi, Avinashi.
Main Deity : Thirumuruganathaswamy.
Nearest Town : Coimbatore District : Coimbatore State : Tamil Nadu
The temple dates back to 9th Century. The origin of the temple is rooted in legendary antiquity. Soorapadma, the scourge of the gods with his retinue of demons, struck terror in the celestical world with his sudden depredations and campaings. The presecuted gods approached Lord Siva and implored him to save their lives. Lord Siva sent Lord Subramanya with a huge army headed by the valiant Veerabhahu to destroy Soorapadma and his retinue. Lord Muruga accomplished the arduos task. But he was afflicted with the mortal sin of mass killing. In order to absolve Himself He installed a Siva Linga in Thirumuruganpoondi and woprshipped it. As Muruga Himself adored Lord Siva, the latter assumed the appelation "Thirumuruganathaswamy" which means "Master of Muruga".
The holy shrine is also associated with Sundaramurthynayanar one of the most celebrated saints of saivism.He did a pilgrimage to the holy shrines of Siva in Kongunadu.Now Siva,The Lord of Thirumuruganpoondi who wanted to hear the saints melodies,compositions way laid Sundaramurthynayanar, in the guise of a hunter and robbed him of all his belongings and disappeared into the temple,Sundaramurthynayanar's sorrow burst out in the form of soul full song expressing his anguish and chiding the Lord of Thirmuruganpoondi that his divine presence in such a notorious place was mere mockery.Pleased with the poignancy of the compositions the lord ordered the return of all his belongings. Having understood the divine purpose behind the prank, Sundarar leaped with joy and glorified the Lord in ten songs. This episode is celebrated as an important festival called " Vedupari ". The great sages such as Agasthya,Markendeya and Dhurvasa took to severe austerities and worshipped the Lord enshrined here. It is said that Durvasa brought the " Madhavi tree " from heaven and placed it here
Image / Content source : Covai.com