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Kachiandavar Temple
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Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 5 Days
Location : Thirupurambiam.
Main Deity : Kachiandavar.
Nearest Town : Kumbakonam District : Thanjavur State : Tamil Nadu
Once there was a hero-stone temple here and it was called Kachiandavar coil. In the battle that took place here, Prithivipathi, the Ganga chieftain and the friend of Aparajita Pallava was killed and in his memory, a hero stone temple was created. This bore the name Kachiandavar coil (the friend of the king of Kanchi). Aditya Chola and the name Adityesvaram stuck to it converted it into a stone edifice.

The first circuit has niches for Devatas and is called Thirumaligai Thiruvayal. It has a beautiful small gopura at the entrance. The second outer circuit called Thiruthorana vayal has a five-tiered gopura rising 81 feet tall. The goddess is Karumbadu Solli. She also bears the name Kuravila Azhagi (not less beautiful). To the south – east is Pralayam Katha Pilliar coil. The legends declare that he saved this place from deluge and hence got the name. The shrine of the Devi is in the north –east of the second circuit. Punnai is the holy tree of this temple. It is in the north – west of the first circuit. The four Nayanmars have eulogized this deity. Sundarar who visited this place has praised as being a fertile grove yielding gold.