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Navarathri Poojas   03-Oct-2024
All Navarathri Pooja Orders received after 5:00 PM (IST) 02-Oct, 2024 will be executed on the next Navarathri Pooja Day. Else, Pooja will be performed on the date selected by you and Prasadam will be sent to you.

Navarathri or the nine nights sacred to the Mother Goddess are celebrated in the month of September.

It commemorates the victory of Goddess Durga over a demon, Mahishasur. Endowed with power, by the blessing of Lord Shiva the demon started destroying innocent people. The gods invoked Goddess Durga and asked for her help. The goddess, astride a lion fought with the demon and cut off his head.

It is an occasion for vibrant festivities throughout the country. During Navarathri, devotees of Durga fast and pray for health and prosperity. Different manifestations of Durga or shakti are worshipped every night. Devotees and young enthusiasts dance the Garba or Dandiya-Raas throughout the night, in keeping with the exuberant nature of this festival.

In Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka dolls called Bommai kolu are placed and decorated. Goddesses Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswathi are worshipped for three days. Gifts of coconuts, clothes and sweets are exchanged. Scenes culled from various stories in the epics and puranas are displayed. The Navarathri festival celebrations at Ahmedabad and Baroda are famous throughout Gujarat. Here the evenings and nights are occasions for the fascinating Garba dance. The women dance around an earthen lamp while singing devotional songs accompanied by rhythmic clapping of the hands. In Punjab, Navarathri is a period of fasting.
Navarathri Pooja Package - 9 Temples Pooja / Archana Cost : US$ 63.00 #
 Kamakshi Amman - Kanchipuram  Meenakshi Amman - Madurai
 Abirami Amman - Thirukadaiyur  Karparakshambigai - Thirukarukavoor
 Kamakshi Amman - Mangadu  Mariamman - Samayapuram
 Kalikambal - Chennai  Ashtalakshmi - Chennai
 Saraswathi - Koothanur  
Pooja Date : 03-Oct-2024

US$ 63.00 #

Shakthi Pooja Package - 3 Temples Pooja / Archana Cost : US$ 25.00 #
 Kamakshi Amman Temple - Kanchipuram
 Meenakshi Amman Temple- Madurai
 Abirami Amman Temple- Thirukadaiyur
Pooja Date : 03-Oct-2024

US$ 25.00 #

Individual Pooja Pooja / Archana Cost : US$ 09.00 # Each
Pooja Date :03-Oct-2024
Kamakshi Amman Temple
Location : Kanchipuram
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Meenakshi Amman Temple
Location : Madurai
Pooja Date :04-Oct-2024
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Pooja Date :05-Oct-2024
Abirami Amman Temple
Location : Thirukadaiyur
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Pooja Date :06-Oct-2024
Karparakshambigai Temple
Location : Thirukarukavoor
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Pooja Date : 07-Oct-2024
Kamakshi Amman Temple
Location : Mangadu
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Pooja Date : 08-Oct-2024
Mariamman Temple
Location : Samayapuram
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Pooja Date : 09-Oct-2024
Kalikambal Temple
Location : Chennai
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Pooja Date : 10-Oct-2024
Saraswathi Temple
Location : Koothanur
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Pooja Date : 11-Oct-2024
Ashtalakshmi Temple
Location : Chennai
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2. Great Efforts will be taken to perform the Pooja/Archana in the Name and Nakshatram of your choice. But there are occasions when poojas cannot be performed in individual names because of the crowd. In such cases poojas will be performed in God's Name
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