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 Rama Navami 
About Rama Navami   17-Apr-2024
All Rama Navami Pooja Orders received after 5:00 PM (IST) 16-Apr, 2024 cannot be executed on Rama Navami Pooja Day (17-Apr-2024). Instead Pooja will be performed on the date selected by you and Prasadam will be sent to you.

    Sri Rama Navami is the birth anniversary of Sri Rama celebrated by devotees all over the world. It falls on the ninth day of the bright fortnight when the asterism Punavasu(Geminorum) is in the ascendancy. The observance of this Vrata is said to absolve one from all sins. Men of all grades and ranks observe this Vrata for obtaining prosperity, longevity, happiness and wisdom.

The Lord Mahavishnu, one of the Hindu Trinity, representing the preservative aspect of the universe as in his previous incarnations (avatars), descended into the world to kill the ten-headed Asura named Ravana who was an epitome of the ten ahamkaras (egoism) of men. When one is under the sway of the ahamkaras, the power of discrimination between right and wrong is destroyed. Consequently the Lord's light has to descend on him to destroy these ahamkaras.

During Rama Navami Hanuman is worshipped for his unflinching devotion to Rama, and his worship forms an important part of the Rama Navami celebrations.
Sri Rama Navami Pooja Package (2 Temples) Pooja / Archana Cost US$ 18.00 #
Anjeneya Temple
Deity - Anjeneyar
City - Namakkal
Anjeneyar Temple
Deity - Anjeneyar
City - Nanganallur, Chennai

Perform Special Pooja

US$ 18.00#

Individual Rama Navami Pooja Pooja / Archana Cost US$ 9.00 #
Ramanatha Swamy Temple
Deity - RamanathaSwamy
City - Rameswaram

Perform Special Pooja

US$ 9.00 #

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