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1. Paadaleswarar  Temple
This is one of the famous temple which was constructed over a thousand years ago. This is one among the several Padal Petra Stalams in Tamil Nadu. Several poets have sung several songs here about this temple. US$  9.00 * 
Apart from the main deity there are separate sannadhis for Dakshinamurthy, Ganesh and Kala Bairavar. It is an ardent belief that one who worships Lord Shiva here will be relieved of sins committed in the previous birth(Purva Janma Pavam). Several astrologers say that the troubles, problems we face in life today are because of the sins committed in our previous birth. Therefore several people worship the Lord here to be relieved of sins committed in their previous birth. It is also believed that one who worships Kala Bairavar here on Amavasai (New Moon) day will be relieved from problems created by enemies.  
Location : Thirupathiripuliyur, near Cuddalore
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