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Pooja To Excel in Studies/Education

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1. Hayagrivar Temple
Hayagrivar is a form of Vishnu who has the face of a horse. He is considered as one who has the greatest Memory. He is believed to bestow education & knowledge to his worshippers. It is a faith that one who offers a Elaichi garland (Cardamom garland) here will be blessed with good memory. US$  9.00 *  
Location : Nanganallur, Chennai
2. Budhan Temple
Budhan (Mercury) is also known as Gnanakarakar, one who gives Gnana or knowledge. One who worships him will be blessed with knowledge and power of verbal communication. Green Gram Dhal is offered to the Lord here. This temple has a separate sannadhi for Budhan (Mercury). The main deity here is Lord Shiva known as Svedharaneswarar. US$  9.00 *  
Location : Thiruvengadu (Kumbakonam)
3. Pancha Mukha Anjaneyar Temple
Pancha Mukha means one who has five faces and the Anjaneyar here is called by that name. Each of the five faces represent Narasimmar, Garudan, Vamanar, Hayagrivar and Hanuman. Lot of children visit this temple and offer garlands made of betel leaves (Vetrilai Malai). It is believed that if prayers are offered here children will have more interest in studies. US$  9.00 *   
Location : Vadavalli, Coimbatore
4. Hayagrivar Temple
Hayagrivar, an incarnation of Vishnu who has the face of a horse. He is considered as the Lord of knowledge/studies. There are many temples exclusively for Hayagrivar and an important temple among those is the temple at Thiruvandhipuram near Cuddalore in South India. Devotees offer Cardamom garlands (Elakai Malai) to the deity here. US$  9.00 *  
Location : Thiruvandhipuram near Cuddalore
5. Saraswati Temple
This is the only temple exclusively for the Godess of Learning, Music and Wisdom, Saraswati. There are several other temples that have Saraswati as one of the sannathis, but this is the only temple where the main deity is Saraswati. Many musicians keep their musical instruments here to be blessed by the Amman here. Children also keep their writing material, stationary here and then take them for examinations. US$  9.00 * 
Location : Koothanoor near Mayiladudurai
6. Ezhuththarinathar Temple
The great saint Agastiyar was blessed here by the Main Deity (Moolavar) Ezhutharinathar. It is also believed that  in order to help his devotee �Sudanman', Lord Shiva himself took the form of an accountant and completed all the temple accounts and submitted to the king. Poets Sambandar and Appar have also sung praises about this temple   US$  9.00 * 
Location : Innambur (Kumbakonam)
7. Patteeswarar Temple

Patteeswarar, Thenubureeswarar,


US$  9.00 * 
Location : Patteeswaram (Kumbakonam)
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