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Ichchaa Sakthi Temple
About Amman  -  Amman Image Gallery
Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 3 Days
Location : Meloor, Chennai.
Main Deity : Thirumanangeesar.
Nearest Town : Chennai District : Chennai State : Tamil Nadu
Ichchaa Sakthi(thiruvudai amman) Temple in Chennai is one of the three sakthis located near Chennai.The form of the Devi in all three temples is identical. Ichchaa Sakthi is the Devi who fulfills the wishes of the devotees. It is considered very auspicious to get darshan of all the three sakthis consecutively on the same day, especially on a full moon day and if it is a Friday, it is more auspicious. Thiruvudai Amman is the Sakthi to be visited first early in the morning. The main Lord here is Thirumanangeesar.

This place was once a forest filled with trees and shrubs with sweet smelling flowers and was aptly known as Suganda Vanam. The legend has it that people from the neighboring villages found a grazing cow showering its milk into a shrub and they found a Lingam within the shrub. They worshipped the Lord as Sungandavaneswaran. Later, the name changed to Thirumanangeesar, a Tamil name.There is sannadhis for Appar, Sundarar, Manickavasagar, Suryan, Bariravar and Veerabadrar.

The other two sakthis to be visited on the same day
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