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Adipureeswarar Temple
About Shiva  -  Shiva Image Gallery
Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 3 Days
Location : Thiruvotriyur.
Main Deity : Adipureeswarar.
Nearest Town : Chennai District : Chennai State : Tamil Nadu
This is much venerated tirukkovil claims many awe-inspiring episodes that occured in the lives of devotees of this powerful Adipureeswarar. its uniqueness lise in the Presiding deity, who unlike in other Sivan tirukkovils is found in the form of ant-hill. It resembles Tiruppangur tirukkovil, connected with the famous Nayanmar-Nandanar. Besides the divine miracles performed by the Lord, His adorers too demonstrated their daiva sakti through miracles of infinite variety that made sceptics into real theists. Pattinathar, a reputed Tamil ascetic-poet, who lived in this region displayed his soul power through several incrediable wonders and lifted duhkartis from the snares of misery. the grateful theist community bulit a samadhi for him here itself for adoration. Here in this temple campus there lie the Panchabhutasthala lingas, like Aakasalinga, Tejolinga, Jalalinga etc. Ekapadeswarar, an odd representation of Siva is beautifully carved on the wall of the main temple and it is attracting the reverent attention of the visitors. Here there are many sculptural adornments deserving ardent worship. This temple has two tanks and two Sthala Vrikshas, besides the Sahasralinga -a tall, huge, black, granite linga that lifts soul at its mere sight. This Lord was worshipped by Kalianayanar, Sundarar etc. The images of the famous saints like Pattinathar and Appar are installes in grand niches. As the presiding deity saved the city from great deluge the place is called Tiruvottiyur. There are several other lingas here.
During its heyday in medieval period, many celebrated kings made liberal endowments and participated in the annual festivals with unprecedented religious fervour, worthy of emulation. In memory of Adi Sankara's visit to this shrine, an image is installed and worshipped.