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Subramanya Swamy Temple
About Murugan  -  Murugan Image Gallery
Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 5 Days
Location : Palamudircholai.
Main Deity : Subramanya Swamy.
Nearest Town : Palamudircholai District : Madurai State : Tamil Nadu
It is one of the Six Hill abodes of Muruga. A few miles off Alagar koil hill temple, there is another dedicated to Murugan. It is called Palamudircholai, one of the Arupadiveedus six important temples held dear to Murugan. It is visited by all throughout the year. Its legends are many and sanctity, great Murugans boyhood sports were played here. It is called Tirumaliruncholai in legends and Chola malai in Tamil literature. It is surrounded by big trees, shurbs and creepers that bear delicious fruits of different sizes and tastes. And ripe fruits always fall from the trees. Hence, it is aptly called Palamudircholai.

In the beginning only Murugans potent weapon, Vel was adored with great veneration. Later a devout Muruga bhakta by name S.T.Raja, releasing the potentialities of this place built a fine temple and installed Murugans icon. Pulavar Nakkirar eulogized this kshetras glory in sweet verses. In addition Silappadhikkaram, Patthu Pattu, Ettu Thogai embody many events, that occurred here.

Among them, the Avvayars meeting with Balamuruga and his childhood pranks deserves the first mention. It is recorded that one summer noon Avvayar came to this kshetra and felt tired due to ascent of this hill. Accidentally, she found a boy atop the tree and eating Jambu fruits. When she requested to give a few to quench her hunger, Murugan asked whether she wanted hot or cold fruits. Wondering at the strange reply, she asked for cold ones. Murugan shook the branches. There fell then some ripe fruits. Collecting a few, she whipped off the sand particles before eating. Watching all this wide open charming eyes, Murugan said, Are they so hot to whip off, shall I give you colder ones! Spell-round Avvayar realised that it was Muruga who was playing practical joke on her; she prayed to grace his darsan. Instantly Muruga blessed her with his darsan in Shanmuga aspect astride his peacock. Avvayar then sang extempore many songs glorifying his avatar, knowledge, heroism etc. Murugan lifted many saranarthis from this abode.