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Vaithiswaran Koil
About Shiva  -  Shiva Image Gallery
Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 5 Days
Location : Vaithiswaran Koil, Near Chidambaram.
Main Deity : Vaidhyanathar.
Other Deities : Angarahan, Muthu Kumara Swamy, Parvathi, Thayal Nayagi.
Nearest Town : Vaithisvarankoil District : Nagapattinam State : Tamil Nadu
The Supreme being, in his infinite mercy removes not only the spiritual ills of devotees, but also physical ills. A physician is called vaidya and as the Lord took abode here as the master of all physicians. He is called here Vaidya-Eswara and the place came to be known as Vaithiswaran Koil.

In south entrance leads to the temple tank Siddamrita Tirtham, a very sacred pool. Its waters are said contain medicinal properties and a peculiarity is that is harbours no frogs! People ailing from skin diseases throw jaggery and salt in its waters and the disease dissolves as jaggery vanishes. This picturesque pool is surrounded by a covered corridor with fine flight of steps to the water, which ripple around a water pavilion in its midst.

Three important sanctums, one for Vaidyanada facing west and for Devi Thayalnayaki and Selva Muthukumaraswami facing south adorn the interior. In the north corridor abutting the Sivas sanctum is the shrine of Avudai Amman the Bhadrakali.
Another salient feature in this temple is the presence of the Planet Angaraka (Tuesday) and Jvaraharesvara (Lord of fevers). Even for fatal ills like Smallpox, application of neem leaves is considered to be effective and this temples holy tree is Neem, seen near the eastern gopura, with a sturdy trunk and sprawling branches.

The sanctum of the Iswara has a corridor around it, with the festival icons of Adikara Nandi and Jatayu. The Navagraha images stationed in the east corridor is devoid of Angaraka and Sun. The south corridor has the Jatayu Kunda, the place where Rama performed the lastrites to Jatayu, with images of Rama, Lakshmana, Visvamitra, Vasista and Jatayu over that Kunda. Another unusual thing here is the presence of Sattanada above Dakshinamurthi.

Navagrahas arranged in a straight line, which makes them less vicious. People influenced by malign planets visit this temple and worship the Navagrahas, to get rid of the troubles. Muruga here known as Muthu Kumarasami is the most charming figure and innumerable legends have arisen to reveal his grace. It was this Kumara, who taught saint Kumaragurupara, the opening sentence for his devotional lyrics.
Four thousand four hundred and forty eight is the number of diseases that inflict a man and a sure cure is effected in this sthala. The herbal mixture and the Sanjivi of the Devi, the earth from the roots of Vilva tree, remove the physical ill of the devotees. Apart from the above medicines, some more are made available to the worshippers.

1) Netrapidi Chandanam: The sandal paste smeared over Selva Muthukumarasami during the midnight service.

2) Jatayu Kundam: Legends proclaim that Rama performed the obsequies ceremony for the eagle Jatayu in this spot; It is a pit filled with sacred ash (Vibhuti)

3) Thiruchandu Undai: Those desirous of receiving this divine medicine, should bathe in the Angasanthana Tirtha in an auspicious hour, take some earth from the same, put it in a new vessel, then repair to the Jatayu Kunda, mix the vibhuti available in the pit with the water of Siddamrita tank, recite panchakshara during the entire process and proceed to the sanctum of Muthukumarasami, make small round balls of the substance place it under the lotus feet of Muruga the cure all divine medicine is ready for consumption. Adi Vaidyanatha is seated under the big Neem tree in the east.