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Subramanya Swamy Temple
About Murugan  -  Murugan Image Gallery
Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 5 Days
Location : Tiruttani.
Main Deity : Subramanya Swamy.
Nearest Town : Tiruttani District : Thiruvallur State : Tamil Nadu
This is one of the six-reputed hill temples of Lord Muruga, occupying much-coveted place in legends and devotional literature. It has atleast fourteen names such as Neeladri, Senkalvagiri, Neelotpalagiri, Kavimalai, Kallaragiri, Thanikachalam etc., the last referees to a place of solitude, where Muruga settled down for peace and relaxation after vanquishing Surapadma. It was called Thanigai, meaning thereby, aloofness the Lords special preference for solitude to leading a peaceful, graceful, useful life on hill tops. Hence, Nakkirar sings of HIM as the Lord of Mountains. It is here he reveals one of the unique facets of his multidimensional personality the sublime artist displaying his proficiency in playing on many musical instruments.

The famous Gandamadana Hill near Kailas, his boyhood home is found inferior to this, says the priest. He narrates the glories of this kshetra to Valli, his lovely spouse. Devendra caused three ponds, blessed with the growth of different kinds of flowers, like Neelotpala etc., that blossom in three ponds for three periods of the day for the worship of Muruga. The thirtha of these ponds are so sacred that anyone dipping in them and sipping it after soulful worship gets liberated and attains sayujya muki. Above all man or deva, if he does not worship here will be deemed inert and worse than vegetable kingdom. A little charity given here showers manifold blessings. Above all, it is here his parental devotion. There are separate grand shrines for Valli and Devasena and for father in Linga form in an adjacent shrine, buffeting the main shrine.
Settling down here, Muruga made a Peedalinga, one of the five manifestations of Maheswar for regular worship and received his blessings. There is another Siva temple called Virataneswar, built by Aparajita Pallava of 9th Century. Down below, there is another great thirtha called Saravana Poigai. The annual float festival celebrated here in the month of Adi attracts lakhs of bhaktas. It is then Lord Muruga comes down here to be adored. Of the unique features of this shrine is the celebration of the English New Year deserves mention. The Sivaratri festival also draws huge crowds, on account of performing of 1008 Sangabhishekam. Adi Krithika, Kanda Shasti, Masa Pujas are deservedly famous. Sage Katchiappars Purana, Kandappa Desikars Dhanikachala Puranam eulogises the splendour of this kshetra in all aspects.