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Murugan Temple
About Murugan  -  Murugan Image Gallery
Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 5 Days
Location : Viralimalai, near Trichy.
Main Deity : Murugan.
Nearest Town : Viralimalai District : Trichirappalli State : Tamil Nadu
This hill temple has a fascinating legend that highlights the unexcelled glory of the presiding deity Murugan and also the kshetra around it. The another plus point that it proudly displays is it is set amidst bounteous growth of greenery that wafts the souls of the visitors and places them at the feet of the Lord even before entering the precincts of this hoary kshetra. There is a charming little township surrounding the hill, heightening the glory of the Lord, rather the compassionate Lord is anointing it with Chandanam brought for him by bhaktas. It is said that the surrounding forest is inhabited by rishis worshipping Lord Muruga assuming the form of Kura trees. The worshipping sages sanctified the kshetra with their tapassakti. Hence its unhindering prosperity. The Sthalapurana embodies the accounts of great Maharshis like Kasyapa, Vasishta and Narada who were relived of their curses on worshipping the Lord here. On account of the belief current that rishis have been doing penance for over centuries, taking the form of trees, the people living in this area do no cut the trees for fuel or any household use. They rather look upon them as objects of aboration.
The temple Pushkarini lies at the foot of the hill. Visitors taking bath in it proceed towards the sannidhi. On the way there are several mini-shrines enshrining the most adorable deities, like Mother Meikannadayal, Meenakshi Sundareswarar and Edumban. Atop the hill, there are several mandaps in the prakara such as Navaratri mandap, Skanda Kottai Mandap, Karrati mandap etc. They are adorned with enticing sculptures of Siva, Arunaagirinathar etc. In addition, there are well-built and tastefully decorated Shanmuga sannidhi and Siva Peruman sannidhi beckoning the visitors for worship. In the inner courtyard, there are independent mini-shrines for Vinayaka, Dakshinamurthi, Chandikeswar, Bhairava, Agasthya etc. The walls of garbha gritha are beautified, rather consecrated by the paintings of many divinities like Vasishta, Arundhathi, Kasyapa, Narada etc. Nithyanimithika worship is offered with great devotional fervour, It is visited by an unending streams of paryatakas and bhaktas throughout the year. It is one of the famous Muruga kshetras of Tamil Nadu.