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Bala Subramanyaswamy Temple
About Murugan  -  Murugan Image Gallery
Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 5 Days
Location : Tiruchendur.
Main Deity : Bala Subramanyaswamy.
Nearest Town : Tiruchendur District : Tuticorin State : Tamil Nadu
Of the six sacred abodes - Arupadi Veedus of Shanmuga, the Chief Field Marshal of the celestial army, Tiruchendur enjoys the unique honour of a highly cherished pilgrim center of eternal significance, for both Saivates and Shanmugites. Its history is packed with many a spectacular episode that won for Shanmuga immortal glory as a formidable warrior of matchless strategy, and peerless humanist of inimitable glory. And being a seashore temple dedicated to both father and son - Siva and Shanmuga renowned for infinite mercy, it is drawing thousands of yatris and tourists everyday. And throughout the year at it. Several legends of this thirtha kshetra shed adequate light on Shanmuga's role as a supreme Field-Marshal, who wielded the power of his generalship to such as astonishing magnitude that out-beat the diabolical maneuvers of the ruthless danavas, renowned for special gifts of sub standard war-craft. And it is here, the benevolent Shanmuga showed his cosmic form to his dreadful foe, and acquired mayura as his vehicle and cock for the banner. It is here Shanmuga used Devendra as his vehicle, during the war with Surapadma and his brothers; it is here in this divya kshetra, Maya, the celestial architect built a temple for Siva at the bidding of Shanmuga to worship him before and after that war. It is in this holy land, the Lord brought Patalaganga by percing his lance into the sand bed; it is to the building of this sacred temple tower, the Lord performed miracle of changing ashes and salt into gold coins to making payment to the laborers; it is this temple's Moolavar that was robbed by the Dutch despoiler and dropped into sea, when storm broke out signaling danger to their existence; it is at this place, and to this presiding deity prominent Saivate saints, like Nakkirar, Arunagirinathar and Kumaraguruparar composed verses eulogising the valour of Shanmuga; it is this mokshapuri that cured Adi Sankara of his illness after prayers, and here he composed Subrahmanya Bhujangam.
Sanctified with many more of such awe-inspiring episodes, this divya kshetra is exuding divinity and blessing the devotees from the Kritayuga onwards. Hence the perennial attraction for theists of every sect and denomination, besides tourists of all nationals.

An imposing tall tower adorned with the divine lance at the top, dominating the landscape for miles around, comes into view of the approaching devotees first. Anon it lifts the souls and prepares them for a full grasp of the sanctity pervading the entire locale-surging sea on the east, the busy commercial establishments on the other three sides. The sculptural grandeur of this broad, tall tower has an interesting tale to tell and it stuns everyone with its awe-inspiring episode, occurred during its construction.
The charming idol of Balasubrahmanya with four hands and one face adorns the garbha griha and it is the replica of the beautiful form, he assumed before war with Surapadma. The processional deities of the Lord are placed in the Senthil Nayagar Shrine lying to the left of this Moolavar. The Shanmuga Shrine, an architectural marvel facing south lies next to it and it is sanctified with the Adi Sankara'' Bhujangam an immortal poetic piece written on the walls. This enchanting life-size statue holding the various weapons in his twelve hands indeed transports the visitors to the other world for a moment. Next to, it lies a minishrine containing the bronze statue of Nataraja, Sambandar, Balaji, Appar, Sundarar, Manikyavasagar, Saint Cheraman, the Chera king of great fame. This assembly of gods of all major 'ISMS' of Hinduism lying side by side impresses everyone that it is a HariHara Kshetra of supreme type, made accessible to one and all without exception or division.
The Brahmotsav falling in Feb-Mar lasts for 12 days, when hectic activities emerge from every segment of temple life. The month of Avani lends unusual charm to the temple with its annual festival celebrated with great religious fervour and it lasts for 12 days. Vasanthotsavam in Apr-May, Kanda Shasti in Oct-Nov and Tirukalyanam in May-June are other special attraction celebrated with great fanfare. People with kith and kin participate lustily, spending lavishly on decoration of deities.