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Kapaleeswar Temple
About Shiva  -  Shiva Image Gallery
Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 3 Days
Location : Mylapore.
Main Deity : Shiva Linga.
Other Deities : Aghoraveerabhadra, Bhairavamurthi, Brahma, Chandikeshvara, Chandrasekhara, Dakshinamurthy, Durga, Ganapathi, Jagadeeswara, Karpagambal, Lakshmi, Lingodbhavea, Manikkavachakar, Murugan with Valli and Devanai, Nagalingar, Nardana Ganapathi, Nataraja, Navagrahas, Parvathi, Pichandar, Sankaralinga, Saraswathi, Shanmuga, Singaravelan, Sivakami, Sixty-three Nayanmars, Sundaresha, Surya, Thirujnanasambandhar, Uma Devi in the form of a peacock, Vayilar Nayanar, Visalakshi, Viswanatha.
Nearest Town : Chennai District : Chennai State : Tamil Nadu
This sacred shrine carved out a covetable niche in the temple that Bharata Khand is. Legends eulogise the glory of the presiding deities extensively, men of divine powers and celebrated literary luminaries like Vayilar Nayanmar and Valluvar were born here and worshipped the lord in an exemplary way. Among the unique features, celebration of annual festival held in honour of the 63 illustrious Nayanmars takes precedence over other and it falls in the month of pangunimasa. The inimitable poetess Avvayyar is depicted through sculpture as lifted to heaven by Vinayaka in the form of elephant. The image of the elephant with its uplifted trunk illustrates this event and is honoured by bowing at its mere sight. The Mother is called Karpagavalli Tayar and according to local version Sri Rama worshipped this archamurti.
Above all, Mother Parvathi assuming the form of peacock worshipped Siva with exceptional fervour for deliverance. This is elaborately through exquiste sculpture in the northern prakara of this tirukkovil. The twin temples enshrining a big Sivalinga in the other are lying side by side and they are adorned with many sculptural adornments of high order. The icons of durga, Subrahmanya, Ganapathi, Navagrahas, Nayanamars and other adorable deities are accommodated in and out of the main temples. The court yards are vast, and the beautiful tall towers are abundantly embellished with many puranic figures. The tank that lies just opposite the eastern tower, called Kapali is fairly big, and heightening the sanctity of the tirukkovil and the dignity of the locality. The icons of Vinayaka, Saneswar Bhagawan and many adorable lingas installed in individual minishrines are star attraction of this holy shrine. This sacred shrine lies in Mylapore, one of the Principal parts of Madras, the Cosmopolitan city of intercontinental reputation commanding all transport facilities. Being the capital of Tamil Nadu state all are found aplenty.