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Veetrirundha Perumal Temple
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Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 3 Days
Location : Thirumazhisai.
Main Deity : Veetrirundha Perumal.
Other Deities : Shenbagavalli.
Nearest Town : Chennai District : Chennai State : Tamil Nadu
This temple of Maha Vishnu in a rare sitting posture tucked in a tiny hamlet in Tamil Nadu has attracted many devotees and fulfilled their wishes.

It is the Lord Vishnu who is the ever - existing divinity, from the tiniest atom to the biggest planet, who is the primal cause and source for the existence of all the sentient and insentien. He is the protector who took avatar is Lord Narasimha. He is also the guiding godhood to emancipate us from our first bondage I.E., birth and its train of all joys and woes of this worldliness.

There are many important places of pilgrimage, or temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu or his incarnations, which attract a number of devotees all the year around. Sri Veethirundha Perumal Temple at Tirumazhisai is one such ancient attraction.

The Temple Location

The temple town of Thirumazhisai is about 25 km from Chennai. It is situated on the Tiruvallur High Road and just one Km away from Chennai Bangalore trunk road. This town has a history which extends back to several centuries.
Traditionally, the idols of Lord Vishnu are either in a reclining Posture (e.g. Srirangam) or in a standing posture (e.g. Tirupati) However, the Moolavar (Prime deity) is seen here in a sitting posture with his consorts on either side . This is unique. The Sthaiapurana, or record of the place, states:

When the great sages Brighu and Markandeya performed tapes in puri and longed for divine vision, Lord Vishnu appeared only hazily and that too in half form. Pressed for a fuller vision, he indicated that he would do so only in "Maheesara Kshetram".

The sages then prayed to Lord Brahma to identify this sacred place. Lord Brahma found from Lord Vishnu that this could easily be identified since it would outweigh the rest of the world by at least one grain of paddy.

He also learnt that this Kshetram was the place where Lord Vishnu would give darsan with his consort, Sri Shenbagavalli. Lord Brahma, acting on these instructions. Located this Kshetram when he saw Lord Vishnu in this posture at Thirumazhisai.

This temple is the location where Lord Bhahma obtained darsan of Lord Vishnu with all his regalia and in full splendour. Here Lord Vishnu is seen with this consort. He also indicates with his fingers that this Kshetram outweighs the rest of the world by a grain of paddy.
Here Lord Vishnu grants darsan with Ashtalakshmis - four Lakshmis on the crown on all four sides, two Lakshmis i.e Sridevi And Bhudevi on either side.

The worship of Ashtalakshmi in this temple is always accompanied by the worship of Lord Vishnu. So that the devotee's life may become more sublime and enriched.

It is believed that in the beginning of Kaliyuga Sri Venkatesa Perumal of Tirupati had given His darsan to Brahma in this town in this sitting posture and ever since then he is showering his blessings, boons and benefits to all the devotees who go there to have a glimpse of hime.

The Temple-complex

This temple is in the middle of the town. There are rock edicts to show that the temple has been patronised by kings of the Chola dynasty. References to this temple are also found in the palm leaves of Sarasvati Mahal Library at Tanjore.

Adjoining the main shrine in the temple, there is a newoly-built shrine for Vinaya Anjaneya Swamy facing the north; he is called Varahamukha. A Spacious mandap has been built for the Convenience of the devotees. This Anjaneya is a varaprasadi who fulfills the wishes of devotees. Regular and devoted worship has reduced the various kinds of sufferings of many persons. People narrate positive results experienced as a result of praying at the shrine.
At the entrance to the main temple stands a tall idol of Anjaneya Swamy carrying the Sanjeevi Parvai. This has an imposing and inviting appearance in the cosy little village.