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Vadapalani Andavar Temple
About Murugan  -  Murugan Image Gallery
Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 3 Days
Location : Andavar Koil Street, Vadapalani.
Main Deity : Palani Andavar.
Other Deities : Arunagirinathar, Chokkanatha, Ganapathi, Kaliamman, Kasi Viswanatha, Kuthuvar, Manikkavachakar, Meenakshi Amman, Six-faced Muruga with Valli and Devanai, Vairavar, Varasiddhi Vinayaga, Virabagudevar, Virabhadra, Visalakshi.
Nearest Town : Chennai District : Chennai State : Tamil Nadu
Built about 120 years back. Just like conjurers materialising fantastic objects with the dexterity of their hands, this much-hallowed and regularly frequented Muruga sannidhi has emerged from a thatched shed, an unostentatious one enshrining a Murugan Photo only, and established for itself a name on par with yugas-old places of worship. All but due to Muruga lilas that defies description. According to sthalapurana, One Muruga devotee by name Annaswamy Thambiran, with his limited means built a small thatched hut and kept a Murugan photo for his personal worship primarily. During his meditation and worship, he was experiencing some divine power entering his body and inspiring him to utter some mysterious things -- whatever he said in his trance was found true. His utterance Went by the name of Arulvak and relieved people in several ways, like curing diseases and getting jobs, solemnising marriages etc. During then he fell ill suddenly. At the instance of a sadhu, he visited Tiruttani and prayed to Muruga offering a part of his tongue cut with a knife at Balipeeta. On his return, the discease took to flight. He paid a visit to Palani by foot and had some strange experiences there. He continued his worship in the hut he built, and when he felt his end was nearing he

requested a close friend by name Rathnaswamy to continue the devotional activities to the photo he was worshipping. Strangely enough, this Rathnaswamy too started giving Arulvak after building a small shrine and worshipping as promised to his friend. The money that public gave was put to building purpose. He also passed away before completing it. Another like mind took the building project with the money he was getting from Arulvak just like his predecessors. Unluckily, he too passed away. Then entered into the arena some humanist philanthropists who metamorphosed that simple hut into a superb spiritual abode. Among the builders, the renowned Saiva Pravakta Kripananda Variyar's name takes first place. Thus emerged this great Muruga kshetra, and now a great temple drawing a steady streams of pilgrims throughout the year. There are very many sannidhis in the vast courtyards, like Varasiddhi Vinayaka, Chokkanathar, Mother Parvathi, Kali, Bhairava, Shanmuga with Valli and Devasena etc. The Moolavar in standing posture resembles the Palani Muruga in every respect. In the inner prakara, there are many niches housing Dhakshina Murti, Chandikeswar, Mahalakshmi etc. It has a spacious hall used for conducting marriages and religious discourses. It is one of the much-frequented Murugan shrines in the city of Chennai.