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Dandayudhapani Temple
About Murugan  -  Murugan Image Gallery
Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 5 Days
Location : Palani.
Main Deity : Dandayudhapani.
Nearest Town : Palani District : Dindigul State : Tamil Nadu
Once in Mount Kailas, in a very playful mood, Paramasiva offered a fruit to one who circumambulate the world first, the contestants being his two sons Ganesa and Muruga. Muruga perched himself on his mount, the peacock and rushed with great Speed to overtake his portly brother. After Muruga sped away, Ganesa in his infinite wisdom simply walked round his parents once, proclaiming that Shiva constituted the entire Cosmos, and got the fruit. Muruga after going round the world came to his father only to find the fruit in his brother's hands. Angered at this Stratagem he became sully, and was persuaded by his father to stay at Palani (Palam-Ni) (You yourself are the fruit).

Panchamritam, a mixture of five fruits are used for special ablutions, which when consumed by devotees produce several good effects. There is a beautiful legend concerning the Lord Muruga here.

The temple is built on a hilltop, which can be reached by a flight of steps. An aerial ropeway too has been provided for those who feel the climb arduous. There is a road running around the hill also for Girl Pradakshina. Generally devotees go round the hill first and then climb to the temple.
The steps are 659 in number and the names engraved on them indicate the donor. As one climbs chanting the name of Muruga, Vyapuri koman (of Ay family) mandapa, Idumban koil, and Kumara Vadivelar koil are met with. North east of this the Kumpeni (Company) Mayil Velaudasami temple can be seen. It is said that the East India Co., erected this temple in token of their gratitude for saving them from internal strife.

There is also a parallel course of steps and also a sloping pathway devoid of steps for elephants to climb. The glittering light at night against a dark background is a feast for the eyes and look like a huge garland hung over the hill.

The climb is over and now we stand at the foot of the five storied Rajagopura, where the exhilarating breeze fans us and banishes all tiresomeness. The gopura is 63 ft high and renovated in 1938-39.
On crossing the tower, it is the Baravel Mandapa which greet us with fine sculptured pillars. The fight between Arjuna and Purusha Mriga, and several portrait sculptures of philanthropists who were responsible for this mandapa, are nearly with Dakshinamurthi, Malaikozundu Sivan and Malai Nachiammai.

This mandapa leads to the Navaranga mandapa guarded by two Dvarapalakas 5½ ft tall. Twelve pillars, three clustered in one support the ceiling. Here too portrait images of Naick chiefs adorn the Hall. This is the hall where devotees stand on either side of barricade and have darshan of Lord Muruga.

In the sanctum stands Muruga attracting people from all parts of India to have his blessings. The temple is a very ancient one but epigraphs only from the period of 14th cy.A.D. are seen. They belong to Pandyas and Vijayanagara kings. The earlier inscriptions must have been lost in renovation. It is said that Palani is the Samadhi Sthala of the sage Bogar, who was instrumental in forming the idol.