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Kachapeswarar Temple
About Shiva  -  Shiva Image Gallery
Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 3 Days
Location : Kancheepuram.
Main Deity : Kachapeswarar.
Nearest Town : Kancheepuram District : Kancheepuram State : Tamil Nadu
Sage Durvasa was well known for his temper. Once after worshipping Sakti he was returning when he saw Indra and offered him the garland, the prasada of Devi. But Indra, arrogant on his success over Jaspasura received the garland with unconcern. Instead of bowing to it he placed it on Iravada, his elephant. The bees hovering around the flowers of that garland irritated that elephant and not appeased from the ferociousness of the war. Iravada threw the garland on the earth and stamped it with his feet. On seeing this Durvasa naturally got angry and cursed that, all the wealth of Indra should vanish. In obedience to the curse of the sage, the riches of Indra left him and moved to the Milk Ocean. The humbled Indra prayed to Siva for restoration of his wealth. It was at that time that the Milk Ocean was about to be churned to secure Nectar. Vasuki became the rope, and Mount Meru became the churning pole. To prevent the rod from submerging into the earth. Vishnu became a Tortoise and supported the rod on his back. Vasuki the serpent unable to withstand the force vomited poison and Vishnu being at the bottom suffered. Instead of supporting the rod steadily. Vishnu by the evil effects of the poison moved uneasily and the Devas who were churning could not churn properly. Siva got angry at the action of Vishnu, tore it and garlanded himself with those pieces. Now Vishnu had to beg Siva’s forgiveness. The place where Vishnu in the form of Tortoise prayed to Siva is Kachapesam at Kanchi.
The shrine faces north and has a modest gopura at the entrance. There are three circuits in this temple. On entering, to the left is the holy Ishta Siddi Tirtha, the water of which is reputed to remove all illness of mind. To bathe in this tank on Sunday is deemed to be doubly holy. The five elements Earth, Ether, Fire, Wind and Water are represented here by Chidambaresar, Arunachaleswarar, Kalathisvarar and Jambukesvarar. As ‘this city itself’ represents earth, no deity has been installed for Earth.