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Ramanathaswamy Temple
About Rama  -  Rama Image Gallery
Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 5 Days
Location : Rameswaram.
Main Deity : Ramanathaswamy.
Nearest Town : Rameswaram District : Ramanathapuram State : Tamil Nadu
It is a life time ambition to every devout Hindu to visit Beneres, fetch water from Ganges, proceed to Rameswaram and bathe that idol with that sacred water. In those days when there was no proper transport, devotees used to brave the rigorous of travel to visit these two places.

Everybody knows Rama killed Ravana and to expiate the sin, he had to install and worship a Siva Linga. And it was at Rameswaram that this worship took place and hence this place got the name (Rama Esvaram) Rameswaram.

An exceedingly grand feature of this temple is the vast perambulatory corridor 17 feet broad, running all round with massive columns standing on platforms 5ft high. This is the third prakara imparting grandeur to the shrine. In the north east corner of this prakaram is the sub-shrine of Nataraja and his consort besides containing several holy wells. In the northwest corner is a cell with figures painted representing the scene of Rama and Sita installing a Lingam.
Entering through the east gopura, is seen the red tinted image of Hanuman facing south. A vaishnavite priest conducts the puja here. A special feature in this temple is the large number of portrait sculptures. They are all Madura Naick kings such as Visvanatha Naicka, Krishnama Naicka etc. The southeast corner is adorned by the Sun, Usha, Pradyusham and Sahasralinga. An exquisite carving of Kailas supported by Tortoise can be admired. The west prakara has some rare images as Manonmani, Sankara-Narayana, Ardanari etc. Similarly the north by Ekadasa Rudra, a Jothir Linga of crystal said to have been installed by Vibhisana.

A peculiarity here is, there are two Natarajas one of which has no flowing locks. The sanctum of Ramanatha Swami who faces east. To the north of this sanctum is a cell enshrining Kasi Visvanatha a Linga said to have been brought by Hanuman, pujas are offered first only to this Lingam. The mandapa to the south of the Mulavar shelters the characters from Ramayana Rama, Stita, Lakshmana, and Sugriva with the feet of the monkey and Anjeneya a little away.
The most important and rare image not to be misses is Utsava Nandikesvarar. He looks like Hanuman also. Only the deer and axe in his hands reveal his identity. The shrine of the Goddess Parvatha Vardani is reached through an entrance in the south prakara. Another rarity is Chandikesvari in the north prakara. In the pillars of the Devi shrine are seen sculptural figures of Vijaya Raghunatha Sethupathi, Muthirula pillai, Vaduganatha Thevar, Periya Thiruvudaya Thevar, Sethupathi Katha Thevar, Ragunatha Servai etc. A sculptural piece of Narasimha is worth nothing. The Vallaba Ganapathi in the inner side of the gopura of the second prakara is of intricate art. Behind the temple of Ramanatha is the shrine of Sethu Madhava. Because of his white complexion, he is called Sveta Madhava. The next important thing to be seen s the Ramalinga Pradista by Rama and Sita in the north east corner of third prakara.