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Kampahareswarar Temple
About Shiva  -  Shiva Image Gallery
Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 5 Days
Location : Tirubhuvanam near Kumbakonam.
Main Deity : Kampahareswarar.
Nearest Town : Kumbakonam District : Thanjavur State : Tamil Nadu
A Chola king killed a Brahmin inadvertently and he got kampa-shivering. He prayed to this God and got rid of his shivering – kampa. Hence, the temple is also known as Kamphahresvara. Kamphahresvara temple built by Kulottunga III. The temple has two prakaras each pierced by a gopura of small height. In the inner yard are the sanctum, the Devi’s shrine Chandesa and Saraba. The subsidiary shrines face north and the south side is shaped like a chariot. The main sanctum is topped by a six-tiered vimana. A flight of steps on either side leads to the Ardha mandapam. The Muka mandapa too can be reached by flight of steps from the south – east and a portico open to the south. The base of the garba – griha and the Ardha mandapa are decorated with dancing poses. The Saraba shrine is located to the north – east of the main central shrine. It faces south.

Narasimha after killing Hiranya became very ferocious and could not be controlled even by Devas. The Devas turned to Siva for protection and he assumed Saraba’s from to subdue Narasimha. In various niches in the south wall are Chattainathar, Dakshinamurthi etc. Wielding Gadha in his left hand upraising his right hand having snake as his waistband and nude stands Chattainathar.

Another masterpiece is Lingodbava at the rear wall of the sanctum on the outside. In a huge Linga is Siva seen only upto his knees. Vishnu in the form of a Varaha is seen digging the earth to find out the extremity of Siva, while Brahma as a swan is at the top exploring the top tip of Siva. The Jata Makuta is worked up delicately to form a halo round his head. It is 61/2 feet tall and poses a majestic view. Next in importance is an Elephant fight. In the north prakara is Mahisasura Mardani. One image is awesome in a real sense. Generally, there will be Abaya (blessing) Hasta to protect the devotees. However, here that arm is broken. She has six hands. Her hair spreads like a fan below her ears. She is majestic and is 6 feet tall.