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Nageswarar Temple
About Shiva  -  Shiva Image Gallery
Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 5 Days
Location : Kumbakonam.
Main Deity : Nageswarar.
Nearest Town : Kumbakonam District : Thanjavur State : Tamil Nadu
After the great deluge, when the Universe appeared, and to support it, eight mountains, eight snakes, and eight elephants appeared of their own accord. Among the snakes, Adiseshan with this 1000 heads was supporting the centre of the universe. However, after sometime it found the weight too much for him to bear and repaired to Siva for help. Siva advised him to go to Kumbakonam and worship Kumbesa who will give him the needed strength. Adisesha accordingly came to Kumbakonam and worshipped Kumesa, and got the strength. The place where he worshipped became Nagesam

Legends declare that Sun also worshipped here. In the Tamil Month Chittarai on dates 10,11 and 12 (3 days), the rays of the sun fall on the image of Nagesvarar as if worshipping him. This splendid sight can be seen in the morning for quarter hour. Nataraja performs his dance surrounded by Venugopalan and Garuda. The halo round his torso is ellipical. Nearby stands Sivakami. Opposite is the Oorthava mandapa, where the another type of dance is found. He has 10 arms. The upper right hand touches the top. The left leg touches the top. The lower arm bend downs between the thighs and performs a Tala.
Padaivatti Mariamman is stucco gives darshan in red colour. A Dakshinamirthi berefit of the usual banyan tree is immersed in Yoga. The sanctum is of a special red stone called Champooran and it imparts a special glow. Valanchuli Vinayagar, Iyyanar, Saptamatas, Subramania (in a separate cell) are can be seen. In the near wall of the sanctum is a beautiful Ardanarisvara. Next is Mahisasuramardani. The cell is separate with a mandapa. It is a very beautiful image. The threshold is of brass, and the image is sheathed in Silver. Vaidisvarar, Chandikesar are also present. The holy tree is Bel (vilva) and the puranas relate that the bel leaves of the Nectar pot fell here. A beautiful Ganga Ganapathi guards the entrance. Once this temple must have been under the influence of Tantrik system as revealed by the figure of an amorous Ganapathi.