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Sarangapani Temple
About Balaji  -  Balaji Image Gallery
Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 5 Days
Location : Kumbakonam.
Main Deity : Sarangapani.
Nearest Town : Kumbakonam District : Thanjavur State : Tamil Nadu
Chakra (the wheel) is the weapon (Discus) wielded by Vishnu. The temple faces east. On entering there is a wall obstructing ways. Steps are provided to go up the mound in the north and south. At any one time, one of the ways up will be locked. They are Ayana vasals. In Dakshinayana i.e., when the sun travels south, the south way and in Uttarayana i.e., when the sun travel north, the north way will be open. This shrine is also called Baskara Sthala as it was established by the Sun. The passage around the sanctum in the south is Ganapathi and in the north Panchamuka (5 faced) Hanuman. A mirror has been provided to view the rear face well. In a circle of lotus blooms, the Deity stands, while goddess is seated. Wielding conch discus, bow, axe, udakkai, gadha, pan and lotus in eight hands He stands. The archana worship is conducted with Bel leaves. People who perform the last rites to the departed souls come here for worship and then only commence their functions. Vijayavalli is the goddess. The sun’s rays fall on the deity on some occasions.