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Naga Adi Seshan Temple
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Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 6 Days
Location : Thiru Nagesvaram.
Main Deity : Five-headed Naga Adi Seshan.
Nearest Town : Kumbakonam District : Thanjavur State : Tamil Nadu
This temple attained fame as early as seventh century AD and it is a favorite place of Sekkilar. Legends declare that the five-headed naga Adi-sesha worshipped here. Besides, the snakes Takshan, Karkotakan also worshipped here Adi-sesha constructed a tank in which Surya, the sun god bathed and got bliss. This tank is called Surya Tirtham. It is in the outer circuit. The gopuram is small but the temple is big with three circuits the outermost provided with gopuras on four sides. That Sekkilar was blessed by the Vinayakar on the banks of the Surya Tirtha, that Chandravarman got rid of his dog form; that the devil shape of Sambumali was removed, that Indras curse was cancelled, were all due to the grace of this God.

Images of Sekkilar, his brother Balaravoyar and their mother can be seen. In the south west corner of the second circuit is housed Nagarajan with his two spouses. When pure milk is poured over him by way of oblation, the color of the milk changes into blue. People afflicted with Naga Dosha perform these oblations. Naganatha is the God and is flanked by two sanctums sheltering Pirai Ani ammai and Kunra Mulai Nayaki, who is also called Girikujambal. The goddess KunraMulai is of stucco and hence no oblations are performed. Only an urgent is smeared over her periodically