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Jambukesvaram Temple
About Shiva  -  Shiva Image Gallery
Pooja Cost : US$ 9.00 Leadtime : 5 Days
Location : Thiruvanaikaval.
Main Deity : Jambukesvarar.
Nearest Town : Trichy District : Trichirappalli State : Tamil Nadu
A spider and an elephant both worshipped the Lord here. The spider adorned the Lingam with its web. The elephant poured water over it, not only as an ablution but also to purify the damage caused by the saliva. The spider naturally incensed over this act of the elephant, got into the trunk of the elephant. The elephant in pain dashed its trunk against a rock, resulting in the death of both. In return for their pious act, the spider was born to the Chola king Sabadeva.

Located among dense groves nourished by the waters of the Cauvery and Coleroon, this is a very big temple. Mulavar faces west while the Goddess looks east. This temple like Srirangam has several prakaras inclusive of the streets. In fact, they are five-called Pancha Prakaras. During the Pancha Prakara festival, the deities will be taken round all the five circuits.

As it is a water sthala, one can see water oozing near the Lingam. In this temple, both the God and Goddess are famous. The Amman is honored equally with reverence. There is a very peculiar system of worship for Devi here. The priest though a male, dons a female garb while doing pujas etc. The grace of Devi flows more easily, when the worshipper approaches her with love of feminine quality. The devotee assumes the part of a Nayaki to Nayaka and is called Nayaki Nayaka Bhavan.
Once Meera the greet Krishna devotee went to Madurai to see Goswami, another great devotee of Lord Krishna. But the Goswami, refused to see her on the plea that he will never look at a woman. When Meera heard this, she exclaimed, I thought there was only on male Krishna. But now I find there is a rival to him in the form of Goswamy. When this reached the ears of Goswamy, he was ashamed and let her in. Such is the power of feminine love.

The temple has many mandapams. Unjal mandapam, Hundred pillared mandapam, Thousand pillared mandapam, Vasantha mandapam, Navaratri mandapam, Somaskandar mandapam, and so on. In the center of the Thousand pillared mandapam, it is so shaped to look like a Ratha in the exquisite carvings.

The Ekapada Murthi is one of the 64 aspects of Lord Siva. The image has only one leg but three different bodies. The central piece is that of Siva, while from his hip emanate Brahma and Vishnu on both sides. The idea is that Truth is one, though called by various names such as Siva, Vishnu, Brahma etc. The flag staff mandapa is also unique. Four huge pillars are there, with eight lions at the top. Further, every pillar exhibits the legends of this temple in carving.