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How to Order Poojas Archana / Pooja FAQ
How do I order for Archanas / Poojas online?
We've made ordering online as simple as possible for you.
  • Just Click on the 'Add to Archana' button for the temples you like to perform an archana.
  • On the page showing the list of temples fill in the necessary shipping information. (Note if you have registered with us, which is free of cost you do not have to fill in all the information again. We will retrieve it from our database). Tell us who you want to send the blessings to (Recipient Information). Tell us who you are (Sender Information). Provide a card message and any special delivery instructions in the message box.
  • If any of your shipping information is incomplete, you'll be asked to fill it in before continuing.
  • Please check out the dates, Names and Nakshatras of persons in whose names archanas are to be performed before you place your order.
Why perform Archanas / Poojas?
An Archana or Pooja is performed to a particular God/Goddess to thank them for all that they have done. It is also performed so that God will help us and guide us in future in all our endeavors.
When will you send the blessings?
If you have chosen Direct delivery from FedEx/Domestic courier as your shipping mode, your Prasadam and gifts will be shipped after receiving the prasadams from respective business associates or EPrarthana staff.
How do I perform Archana to deities other than the main deity in a particular temple?
To perform an Archana to a deity other than the main deity, add the temple first to the Archana and then mention the deity name to which Archana is to be performed in the comments box, when you fill in the other details like name, address etc.
Can I perform archanas to different temples on different dates?
Yes you can perform Archana to different temples on different dates. First add all the temples of your choice into the Archana Basket and select the different dates for different temples in the Checkout Page.
If I perform archana to different temples, will I get separate blessings for each?
Yes you will receive blessings from each temple in separate covers marked with the temple/deity names on them.
Who does the archana?
The Archanas will be done by the respective poojaris of different temples. The items for Archana will be supplied by ePrarthana through their staff/representative. The staff/representative will be present during the time of Archana and get the blessings, prasadam after the Archana.
I cannot find the temple I am looking for. What do I do ?
We have put in our best effort to include all major temples. If you cannot find your temple please email us at support@eprarthana.com and we will be more than happy to include it. Another thing to keep in mind while searching for temples is that we have omitted terms like 'Sree', 'Arulmigu' etc before the temple name to facilitate searching. Therefore if you want to look up Kapaleeswar temple in Mylapore, search by the letter 'K' Kapaleeswarar temple and not 'A' Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar temple.
What happens after I place an order?
When your order is placed on the web site, you will see a "Confirmation" page. Your order is then sent over a secure connection to our Office where it will then be processed. After the archana has been performed and the blessings delivered we will send you an e-mail to that effect.
Can I change my order after I have placed it?
We will be happy to change the address where the blessings are to be delivered or date of delivery as long as your order is not on its way to being delivered. To request a change to your order's delivery address or date, please send us an e-mail and the new address. However, once an order is placed we cannot cancel it.

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