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What People Say About EPrarthana.com
What the Media has to say about EPrarthana.com
Sumathi (India)
Most of our Bank of Madura employees being devotee of Lord Ganesh start their work after doing Pooja for Ganapathy which they had down loaded from eprathana. Hats of to the team. Great effort!!!

Subramaniam (India)
Thankyou very much Sir, I have recieved the prasadam from Sri Subramanya Swami Temple Tiruchendur. As a coincidence my father was in the hospital after his prostrate surgery. Our Ishta deivam is Sri Subramanya swami Tiruchendur. I gave the prasadam to all the members of my family. All of us are happy.
Tons of Thanks to eprarthana.com .

R. Srinivasan (India)
Great to have such an opportunity to visit all the temples and pray all the Lord at those sthalams.

Harish Shurpali (India)
I am a registered user of your site "eprarthana.com" .Just few days back i received a letter from you ontaining the prasadam.I am highly grateful to you for the same & am sending this mail to thank you for the same.

Nalini (United States)
I am amazed at the service you offered. The perfection, the acknowledgement, the promptness - wow, what a great service! I am proud of you and I will recommend eprarthana archanai's to many of my friends in US. Thanks once again for the excellent service you provide.

Ramachandran (India)
Thank you for your kind prasadam. I pray almighty to give all success to your eprarthana.

Priya (India)
Thank you very much for the free prasadam..it was very nice of you to send it to me. Thank you once more. You people are doing a great job. Congrats!!

Rakesh (India)
I would like to say many thankx and would like to express my deep sense of gratitude for extending Ur kind service towards me..! It is highly appreciated Ur service of sending such great prasatham with Ur own postage...!

Chandrasekhar (India)
Dear sir,
Recieved the prasadam from Subramania swami temple, and thank you very much for the same.I have also noted the contents of your mail and the services offered by you.,and I will make use of them at the appropriate time.I will also visit your site to know more about the same.

Venkat (UAE)
Thanks a lot for your daily mailing list being received very promptly and also especially the Varalaskhmi Vrata. Kindly put the God's name below the photos as sometimes we enter into argument in specifying the correct name of the God/Godesses.
Hope you will do the same at the earliest. It is easy for the children to remember about the God when the name is also shown below the photo.
Kindly continue your great work.

Chinmay Panth (India)
It is very nice to see a mail giving thrust to HINDUISM and help us align people spiritually.

Thank you very much for your every day e-mail of e-prarthana.

Jana Venkat (India)
It is very nice to see your daily mail. my daughter is everytime seeing your mail. Thank you for your daily mail.

Malur Ramesh
Thank u for this informative stuff,I liked it.I luv to read such stuff and enrich my gk about mythology. Its a great experience reading about the sayings in the epics u send. I am delighted to know all these facts.

Krishnamoorthy (India)
I am very happy to have received the Prasadham from Thiruchendur, Subramaniyar Temple by post. I am also receiving the DAILY E-PRARTHANA MAIL and thank you very much for your noble cause.
I shall recommend your web site to my friends and relatives who will all really benefit from becoming memberes of e-prarthana.

Santhy (Malaysia)
I am a Malaysian, I benefited a lot from the daily ePrarthana mailing list.
To ensure I am following the right steps, I would like to confirm if the time reflected in the daily panchaangams are showing Malaysian time.

Loga Raj (Singapore)
I must Thank you all for the splendid work you all are doing in spreading the Wisdon of Hinduism.

P. Govender (South Africa)
I must congratulate you on your website which is very informative especially being South African and depending on our Mother country for info on spiritual enlightment etc.. I would like some literature explaining to us why certain prayers are conducted as to also pass this on to our younger ones. I beleive that when one does anything there must be a need/purpose although we say there is almighty or a supreme being.

Murali (Malaysia)
Please include in your website one more location,Kerala. About Ayyappa & Ganesha temples information, images & etc.

Padma (United States)
Lakshmi Narasimhar of Sholingur can also be included. We are very happy with your site as I am away from India. Wishing you more success.

Viswankutty Menon (UAE)
Request include famous Sreekrishna temple of GURUVAYOOR in Kerala in the list.

C. Phani Kumar (India)
We really appreciate your ideas and we are thrilled to see your Virtual Poojas.

Venkatesh Jyothi (UAE)

Nageswaran Vaidyanathan (United States)
I feel more temples can be avoided with the help of hindu relgious endowment board of various States of India. we shd be able to know where the temple is and how to go there and what not. for example, Chirvachoor ArulmighaMadura Kali Amman Koil. this temple is our family Deity for the past several generations and as i know my grand parents used to go there from Tiruchi.
I feel there shd be a search engine for finding out various temples, which wd be very helpful for the younger generations.

Chenthel (United States)
u can also improve a bit...by adding numerous poster's of Lord siva...
A great site for devotees like me... "om namah sivaya"

Arvind Sundar Rajan (United States)
I was looking for the text of morning and evening Sandhyavandhanam in your site, but I was unable to find it. I think it will be a nice idea to keep this text in your site. This will help people who want to perform sandhyavandhanam, but do not have the mantrams on hand. Thank you.

Puri Bhattacharya (United States)
This site is really good. It helps lot of people outside India. It has lots of cool stuff in it. Graphis are really nice.

Shanta (India)
I would like to know if we can pay in Rs and perform the poojas it was so nice to do varalaxmi pooja as we do not get vadiyars easily . Namaskarams to all elders and god.

N.V.Venkatesh (Dubai)
E-prathana site is very good. And also very informative especially for non resident indians. I am every day morning very first I will open e-prathana mail.

Mrs. Usha varma (India)
Excellent job done! keep it up .i am enjoying your web page. I am recomendind this site to all my friends.

Ravichandran (United Kingdom)
dear sir,
I am very happy to see our GOD's Dharsan in the eprarthana web site and I am very much thankful to u, who has created this wonderful web site. people in abroad are not able to see thier GOD's Dharisanam, u have done wonder for us. on behalf of all the indian who are in uk i congratulate to u, KEEP IT UP. once again my sincere regards to u all. if it is possible send more album to my e-mail id, this is my sincere request.

Karthikeyan (India)
I 've visited thousands of sites. But this is one cool stuff I really like to appreciate all the people who have their hands of share in building this site.Well KEEP THE GOOD WORK and plz update the site often.

S.Sridhar (Canada)
Brilliant site. Keep it up.

S. Sthanunathan (Hong Kong)
Fantastic site. For you to become viable and make money and improve the site, please start selling a wider range of religious CDs and cassettes. I was looking for CDs on Venkatesha Suprapadam and did not find it.

S.K.ramachandran (Bahrain)
I am delighted to see the website e-prarthana.com and it is very helpful to people like me. I would be thankful if you could give the pooja manthras in a text form so that we can print the same and use it while doing pooja as the audio is difficult to use while performing the pooja ( one has to get up several times to swith on and off) a practical problem.

Sriram (United States)
Lokking for audio or video for aavani avittam. If not this year, could u do it next time aroud.

V.Ambikadoss (United States )
Everything presented was very nice.I felt that I was standing in the sanctum sanctorium.You can also add astothram of the respective gods. With grate thanks.

Srividya (United States )
This is an excellent site, sply for people like me outside India. I get to know the panchangam and it it very helpful. It wud be nice if u cud give the ganesha Chaturthi pooja details in .pdf format where we can take a print out and do the pooja. Hope u wud have this before the pooja day.

Shuba Ruthiran (Malaysia)
This site is the most wonderful web site that i have ever came across. It provides up-to-date information and what fascinates even more about this site is the attachment of beautiful virtual poojas. I would like to suggest that more gods to be included in the pooja such as Saraswathi so on so forth. Keep up the good work! Thank you for creating this web site and syabas to those who are involved in the development of ePrarthana. May God Bless You!

Santosh (India)
Its nice to surf ur web site bcoz till now no web site is based on gods its very good each&every person if the family is enjoing it a lot.

S. Ramesh (India)
It is a wonderful website. 

Madhu (India)
We accolade your efforts to bring such a nice site like this.

Sridharan (India)
I find the site good. Is the development of this site taking place in India. I have been thinking of such site for quite some time. If it is in Chennai, I would like to meet u mahatmas...

Radha (United States)
This site is great and i am very happy i came across it. I was directed here from a friend. hmm. I wondering if I can have a chance to discuss an important matter with you. If you don't mind.

Priya Arvind (India)
Your eprarthana is very good and informative.

Kishore.R (Jamaica)
I would like to thank you. Keep up the Good work. God will Bless you.

Dr. V. Jagannadham (India)
The efferts made were highly commendable. It is simply superb.

Priya Chandrasekar (Toronto, Canada)
Wonderful Site!!!

Suriya (Singapore)
It is a very good begining and it will help people around the globe to get the blessings of the Almighty and know the greatness of Sanathana Dharma

Was great to visit all 108 divya desams thru the net. However, I have this nagging question in my mind. Some of the pictures in the divya desam page seem to be original photograhs of the 'Moolavar' in the temple. In most temples, I understand, photography is strictly prohibited for several reasons. How did 'eprarthana' get these pictures? On the whole, I really liked this site.

S.Ravichandrran (India)
I am verymuch thrilled to see the photographs of various gods in eprarthana site. It is a real treat to watch the action of the photographs. A very good attempt. I wish the almighty should be with the team to give new ideas and implement the same.

Murali (India)
I am really amazed by viewing this site. As hindu culture lover i eagerly waited for this kind of site. So after it came i felt so happy to view this site and also others all watching this site also will feel so happy. My hearty congrats for you great work.

Miss Balasubrmaniyan Surekha (United States)
Such a beautiful  site . As we are in overseas, if we browse through the site Really feels that Its bring  back us to India. Keep it UP!. Web master really done good job!

Lalitha (India)
It gave me immense pleasure to browse this site.  It is too good.

Nalinithota (United States)
very serene!!!and excellent efforts...keep it up!!!

S.Visvanathan (United States)
Dear Sir
I Salute you for this splendid service.

S. Anand (UAE, Sharjah)
I got your website address through one of the bulk mails sent by my friends. Frankly, initially I thought this would one of those 'junks' generally sent in bulk, but Thank God, some good bug in my mind urged me to visit this site. One word to sum it up, Fantastic ! I look forward to the Audio Gallery getting updated soon and people like me in UAE (Sharjah) can keep in touch with our God and people. In fact, this site has given a 'at home' feeling. Cudos to the website's developers and its visionary !

Banumathi Nagarajan
This is a good site and wish u all the best... Never dream about losing. Positive thinking makes it happen sooner or later.

Ram Kumar Ganesan
Very Good Site. Really appreciate the efforts. May God Bless you all!!!

Mahesh Baskaran
Really great work, it is good for people like me. 

I don't know where u got the idea from... But it is amazing...i love this site... Thank you for sending me this site... And please send me the updated version aswell...please...i'll make sure that all my friends get this site...thank you so much for giving the opputinity.. To worship the god... on site..

Chinnacoonoor Sivakumar
Everything is just astonishing and outstanding..

We would like to include your site on our web for Hinduism at http://www.btinternet.com/~vivekananda/schools.htm. Your site is superb - we would like to add link from our site to your site.

Wonderful idea and the best use of IT, i have ever seen so far.

D. Arulnambi (Singapore)
Dear Sir/Madam,
Really this site has given us wonderful facility. Hats off to the new technology and your efforts.

Great Job with the Virtual Poojas, but site has lot of scope for refinement.

Sachin Chandrashekar
This an amazing and exhaustive library of pictures and details. It would be nice to have the Gita and the Mahabharata translated into English.

Happy to see this site. BEST WISHES.

Veerappan Anand
eprarthana is an unique web site for all the hindus and it takes me to all of my Ishtadeivas from the place where iam been and i pray the almighty for the sustained divine service of eprarthana

Ganesh Thambiran
I visited only few of your services. I'm really impressed upon seeing such an useful site. Virtual Pooja is really fantastic

Malathi Chandran
Hey there,
how r u over there .. 1st of all i just wrote in to say thanks a lot for your mail... I really loved it and do wish to receive more ...

Dr. G. V. Rao
This is an EXCELLENT IDEA and Outstanding Site Design.

Dr.Sushila Chandrasekharan
We were thrilled to see the site. We were happy to per form the virtual poojas.we wish you all the best in you r endeavour. We have downloaded a couple of virtual poojas. Keep up the good work.

An excellent idea, implemented in a very nice fashion. Overall, a great site. I will be happy to provide a link from my web solutions, kindly advice your legal position in this manner. Is there an official logo that can be linked.

Karthik Vasudevan
An excellent site that was awaited a long time now.It's structure presentation are one of the best that i have ever seen.A boon to all NRI's.

It is really a noble venture. I appriciate the innovativeness of the person who developed this software.I pray for his wellbeing.

Amazing, astonished about your brilliant idea.  Definetly I will recommend to all our Hindu friends

Shridhar Shastry (Saudi Arabia)
People like us from Saudi Arabia, this is an outstanding opportunity to get devotional and virtually perform the pooja. Eventhough it does not give the feeling of humbleness in front the Lord, It is still better for modern day people who are away from home and definitely this is getting nearest to home sitting in one's bedroom. Thank you ePrarthan.com

Abirami Balaji (UAE, Sharjah)
Virtual pooja with the audio effect gives you a peaceful divine feeling.

Ram (Abu Dhabi)
We are living in Abu Dhabi where there are no temples. This virtual temple is really a blessing for all of us here. Do let us know in what way we could contribute to enhace your service. May God bless us all

Venugopal Naini
Very Very Excellent site

Best site ever come across. Well done keep it up.

Alexander Schrayter
Your site is very nicely done and love all the images. The best I have come across. Namasté

Siva (London)
Hi..Really very impresive..I was in India I used to go temple everyday before I start my work. But No I am in London. Using your Virtual pooja I am getting that statisfication now. Thanks Note: There is an option for audio gallery but No links. can you sort it out. Thanks in Advance.

I am very impressed by your efforts to provide virtual poojas. Its a totally modern concept to apply in the IT world and I appreciate your bold move.

This site is wonderful. We liked it a lot.

Ganapathi Subramanian
We appreciate the good work done by you.

Rajah Vedamurthy
I had visited with the help of vikatan.com it is really good and excititing after once i entered the site i was there with this for nearly two hours it's really good and felt the same as we are in temple when it gives virtual poojas.

Dear friends,
You have been doing an excellent job. I was facinated when i first saw your one of ganesh.exe sent from one of my relative. I requested for farther more like ganesh. They advised me to go through your eprarthana.com. And art gallary. I have gone through the art galary. You have done a wonderful job. Keep it up to keep your hindu riligion in high esteem with every hindu all over the world. Once again i congratulate for this valuable work. May god and godesses bless all of you who are involved in this secred work of god. Jai ganesh, jai hanuman.

Excellent. Very useful for youngsters like me.

Kallingal G Narayanan (United States)
This is a great site for Hindus overall.

R.Pattabiraman (United States)
Thanks for getting message from you like this and feel really very happy.

Prakash Hande (United States)
Great! keep it up.

K.R. Venkata Narayanan (United States)
I m very lucky today. My friend had sent me this balaji photo along with this site. Right now i m in america and i was longing to see the image of balaji. Till yesterday i was searching the site of ttd. Today with his grace, i was able to see him. Pls. Tell me the site of ttd, if u ve the info. Donot worry about the rankings, pls. Continue to provide the info for the people like us. We r with u.

C.Lakshmi Narayanan (India)
Thanks for suntv and the best guys who created this valuable site. You have a good future man. I am e-com prof. I need you guys to spell about the good nature. thanks.

C.Ganesan (Oman)
We really appreciate your ideas and we are thrilled to see your Virtual Poojas. Good work and wish you good luck for enhancing this site further. Thank you and your team very much for providing wonderful information.

T.Sundaresh (India)
Very well done. Really the site I exceptected. I am person very much fear to god.

What the Media has to say about EPrarthana.com

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