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Today's Stuff Wednesday, 22 February - 2017 Dhunmuki, Masi 10
The love a wife bears for her husband cannot be measured by the wealth or position that he has. True love is tested in the hour of trials and tribulations by how steadfastly the wife stands by her husband. If she leaves, her love was not for him but for what he possesed.
How can one who has not understood the scriptures become a preceptor?
May I be able to listen without distraction.
A starving man should not be choosy about his food.
Universal Prayers - From Vedas
Om. May my limbs, speech, breath, eye, ear, strength and all senses become perfected. Everything is the Brahman proclaimed in the Upanishads. May I never deny Brahman. May Brahman never reject me. May there be no denial at least from me. May I, who am devoted to the Atman, be endowed with all the virtues taught in the Upanishads. Om Peace, Peace, Peace.
Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram
Salutations to Him whose capacity for learning has no limit.
Sri Lalita Sahasranama
Om kadamba - manjari - klpta - karnapura manoharayai namah.
Salutations to Her who is radiant and charming with a bunch of Kadamba flowers over her ears.
Sivananda Lahari - Of Sri Sankaracarya
O man who deems yourself intelligent! Will ( the talk of) pot, lump of clay, atoms, smoke, fire, mountain, cloth, thread (and the rest of the logician's favourite examples and categories) ever reple the terrible god of death? In vain, then, is all your straining of the throat in heated controversies. Worship the Lord instead and attain quickly to supreme bliss.
Siva Sahasranama Stotram
The Omniscient. Om sarvajnaya namah
There is nothing beyond the ken of Siva.
Quotations from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry)
Glory to Thee, O Lord, who triumphest over every obstacle! Grant that nothing in us may be an impediment to Thy work.

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