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Today's Stuff Wednesday, 29 November - 2023 Avilambi, Karthigai 13
A good preceptor is one who understands the needs of his pupils. He teaches each student the functions of his line or caste, But to the royal heir, he teaches everything because a King is in overall charges of all the functions in his kingdom.
The company of sinners tempt one to sin too.
The road to amrit is strewn with discarded desires.
This world is in perpetual motion. Only God is motionless.
Universal Prayers - From Vedas
Om. May the presiding deity of day be propitious to us. May the presiding deity of night be propitous to us. May the presiding deity of the sense of vision be propitious to us. May the Gods of strength and of intellect also be propitious to us. May the all-pervading Lord be propitious. Adoration to Brahman. Adoration to Thee, the controller of activities. Thou art, verily, the visible Brahman. Verily, I will declare Thee to be the visible Brahman. The right will I speak. The truth will I speak. May Brahman protect me. May Brahman protect the preceptor. May He protect me. May HE protect the preceptor. Om Peace, Peace, Peace.
Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram
Salutations to Him who is righteousness conferring the four human ends and who manifested himself as the Boar.
Sri Lalita Sahasranama
Om bhandasur endra - nirmukta - sastra pratyastra - varsinyai namah.
Salutations to Her who counters by Her own missiles the rain of missiles directed against Her by Bhandasura.
Sivananda Lahari - Of Sri Sankaracarya
O Great God! Thou Lord of creatures! Just as there is misapprehension of silver in mother-of-pearl, of gem in imitation stone, of milk in water mixed with flour, of water in mirage, so do ignorant men mistakenly worship various beings as the Deity, without thinking of Thee in their mind.
Siva Sahasranama Stotram
The Famous. Om mahayasase namah
The Indispensable One becomes famous.
Quotations from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry)
Truth is a difficult and strenuous conques. One must be a real warrior to make this conquest.

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