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Today's Stuff Saturday, 25 March - 2017 Dhunmuki, Panguni 12
The colour of gold can beguile the rich and the poor equally. It seldom matters whether a person already possesses it. He always wants more and tries to do everything to get it. Even his own safety does not matter to him then.
Never chastise without being sure of the fault.
The Creator made life and then inspiration. Without inspiration, evolution would not be possible.
Man does not covet wealth; he covets what wealth can give him.
Universal Prayers - From Vedas
Its branches are spread below and above, nourished by Gunas. The sense-objects are its buds, and its roots stretch down below in the world of men, creating actions.
Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram
Salutations to Him who manifested himself as Krishna and whose nature is Existence, Knowledge and Bliss.
Sri Lalita Sahasranama
Om mukha - candra -kalankabha mrganabhi - visesakayai namah.
Salutations to Her whose moon - like face is distinguished by the Kasturi Tilaka like the spot in the moon.
Sivananda Lahari - Of Sri Sankaracarya
O Lord Of the worlds! Thou wert not so pleased with prostration, praise,worship,meditation and ecstasy, as with (the offering of resistance to Thee with) bow, iron pestle and stones. Say, what is it that pleases Thee, and I shall do accordingly.

(The allusion is to Arjuna's encounter with Siva as a hunter. Arjuna was performing worship and austerities with gret concentration in order to propitiate Siva, but before He revealed Himself, He appeared before Arjuna as a hunter and entered into a scuffle with him. In the course of it, Arjuna hit him with these than with his austerities, Siva revealed Himself to him now.)
Siva Sahasranama Stotram
The Mystic Sound. Om mantraya namah
That which strengthens the mind is mantram.
Quotations from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry)
O Lord, the world implores Thee to prevent it from falling back always into the same stupidities. Grant that the mistakes recognised may never be renewed.

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