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Today's Stuff Friday, 19 April - 2019 Avilambi, chithirai 06
It is not easy to predict behaviour. A King may have huge armies but instead of waging a battle and winning his prize by the might of his arms, he prefers to steal it. Perhaps stolen fruits are sweeter.
If the enemy cuts down your crown, he merely desires to teach you a lesson. Or else why would he spare your head?
Never scorn food, for food is the sustainer of life.
Some take pleasure in stale food, others in fresh food. Some take pleasure in the material, others in the spiritual.
Universal Prayers - From Vedas
Thou art, O Lord, the creator of the worlds. Salutations to Thee. Thou producest the herbs and plants as well. O Thou bestower of earthly felicity, salutations to Thee.
Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram
Salutations to Him who is the indwelling Sprit sustaining the created universe conceived as the golden egg.
Sri Lalita Sahasranama
Om Sri - maha - rajnyai namah.
Salutations to the great Empress of the whole Universe.
Sivananda Lahari - Of Sri Sankaracarya
The spring-time of divine comtemplation having arrived in the garden of the heart, the ripe leaves of sin have fallen away and the creepers of devotion, bearing the sprouts of virtuous acts, have begun to spread, while the buds of virtue, the flowers of holy chants, the fragrance of pious dispositions, the honey-flow of bliss that knowledge brings, and the plentiful fruitage of devotion, have begun to flourish,
Siva Sahasranama Stotram
The One with matted hair.om charmine namah
Quotations from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry)
The Mother's presence is always there; but if you decide to act on your own - your own idea, your own notion of things, your own will and demand upon things, then it is quite likely that her presence will get veiled...

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